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​Fashun VP is an established music artist/producer in the music industry that later transitioned into the business realm. Originally from Michigan, now hailing from Atlanta, GA. Fashun VP career spans from his early music industry beginnings by opening up for the likes of Lil Wayne in Detroit,Mi. with an up and coming rap group called "The HardHittaz" comprised of Diesel, Big Fell, Rush and Skig. "My aunt Tina asked me if I could draw a logo for an indie label in Detroit which was the label owned by her boyfriend at the time, so I said of course not knowing that this would start the beginning of our consistent adventures to Detroit and I would meet a group of people that became like a family."

The HardHittaz took on the older brother/mentor role for Fashun VP and were the FIRST along with his first manager Alex Thomas to give him a taste of constructive criticism that helped define his initial rap work ethics. To being able to witness the talented Slum Village create their Detroit Deli album.

"I remember my manager whom had a good relationship with Rj Rice Sr. the owner of Barak records would take me to their office/studio near the old Northland Mall, and as they would converse I would be in awe to the sound that was coming out of the studio. But I can only observe as I played John Madden with the other younger artists that were around at the time. But it was my first time seeing the work ethic of major artists and that fueled me to want to be great." As Fashun VP made traction in Detroit he developed a great kindred respect and friendship with Miz Korona from the movie 8 Mile whom he considers his Detroit sister and her showmanship on stage showed Fashun VP the intensity, energy, and professionalism necessary to deliver a good show.

"When I met Korona I was at the Hayloft in Mount Clemens, Michigan and she was performing with her hype man at the time named Cuzzo and I remember being at the front of the stage and they had this two step that was so clean and synchronized to her lyrics and the beat that I started to take mental notes on how I needed to tighten my flow up and more importantly my show presentation, then she pulled me up on stage and had me rap, she seen the potential in me and that's where our relationship began.

From that point she would keep in touch with while I resided in Detroit and gave me tips." As Fashun VP management contract came closer to expiring, he started to notice the momentum that Atlanta was building and seen early on that Atlanta was not going anywhere so he had made in his mind that he was going to come to Atlanta and have a new start and approach to the music industry. After receiving a call from Alex that he and The HardHittaz would be arriving in Atlanta to perform his first and initial response was to of course attend the show and support his previous manager and his Detroit rap role models. But attending this show would be more than that as it became the key moment that changed Fashun VP life forever.

"So I attended this show to support my Detroit fam not knowing that I was being introduced to my new and permanent family that I'm still with to this day." Also attending this show was Akina and Big L Love who had her girl group headlining the show along with the "rough draft" members of that time. Fashun VP had met someone in Akinas camp named "Playboy" who became one of Fashuns good friends and would bring Fashun VP along with him over to Akina and Big L's home who discovered that he had an amazing rap talent and eventually decided that he would be a great asset to what they already had. Prior to this point Fashun VP was raised and only participated in individual activity, such as solo sports and a solo rap career.

This was the first time that Fashun VP would become a part of a group. But in his mind he felt that if he was meant to be a solo artist at that given time he would've already been so. And Akina Love and Big L are who obtained the first major record deal situation with Bad Boy South in 2005/06 for Fashun VP making his first tv appearance in March of 2006 on the historically Don Cornelius produced Soul Train show performing his single in the group collective. The following six months after there were disagreements in regards to different factors that with Akina and Big L parenting instincts decides to remove their "kids" from that situation and Big L would go to secure his own deal with his label moniker Earl Jam Productions. "Akina "moms" and Big L "pops" are the best thing that has happened to me.

They took me in and gave me the nurturing and love aspect that I was lacking. And they showed me my first example of what stability and a foundation is. My business savvy and instinct to determine life situations and how to read peoples intentions come from moms. Whenever she has a bad feeling about something her instincts are always right. I learned how to balance my life and see who really had my back and who didn't. This music industry is full of sharks and she showed me how to spot them. Also at times when I didn't know how to balance family and business she showed me how to. I realized who really had my back were the ones who were sacrificing their own wellbeing to push our careers." As the years progressed they would assist Fashun VP in gaining numerous placements, having his production featured on BET, MTV, and many more.

During this progression the tolls of the industry pressure would remove members the group collective to eventually become the Final Draft. "Prior to this generation of Final Draft when I was scouted and became a part of the rough drafts I was the oldest member and so when they assembled the current Final Draft which is comprised of a bunch of younger guys and a veteran D-Nyce who was the youngest in my generation so it made sense because he fit in with the same age ranges of the guys that comprise Final Draft today. I was a part of this Final Draft group in their beginning just to help them get comfortable and assist with the artist development. Like Kobe Bryant did with D'Angelo Russell and Julius Randle on The Lakers.

But I felt like a new passion and direction was opening up for me and I decided to transition full time on the business side. And it feels great to be the vice president of a label you started off with as an artist, and now you're helping to call the shots." Nowadays Fashun VP is the Vice President of Earl Jam productions, the CEO of his own music distribution company KDR Music Group, owner of his brand consultant company KDRMG (KDR Management Group) where he works alongside his wife Jay Love- Rivers who along with her sister Tuere Love are the owners of a top PR Firm The Meme Agency. "Now my goal in life to inspire and help people the same way I was helped in my life. Being an musician first I can relate to the needs of the musician before I think of the needs of the business but I understand the balance. I want to become now a pivotal leader in the next phase of the human experience, teach business ethics through my journey, display the wonders of being a vegan and ultimately do my contribution to change the world for better. So welcome to my life story and hopefully you can be a part of the next chapters."